Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Thank You from the Director

Several times during the Christmas party for our kids last month, I was overcome with deep joy and gratitude.

I know people are struggling financially. I fear there is little hope in this world for the impoverished and neglected children who run unattended in our country's streets. And yet.

Dakota House was blessed beyond belief this year with thoughtful, beautiful gifts for our kids. Shoe boxes filled with stocking gifts, gift cards that allowed us to buy a gift for each child, and groceries for our food pantry all came pouring in.

Most of the people
who supported our kids have never met them.

Many of the people who gave are on a tight budget.

I am humbled
by the generosity of us, the people of our valley, your neighbors and mine, who gave from their hearts and demonstrated to our kids--in a very real way--that there is love and hope in the world.

May God ble
ss you all for your faithfulness.


Jamie Barker, Director and Founder