Monday, July 24, 2006

Miracles in the Mountains

Thank you to all of you who supported our camping trip in one way or another. Many people prayed, donated money or materials, loaned vehicles, or joined us on the trip to make this weekend one our kids will hold in their hearts always.

Jesus amazed us once again by His presence, and in the many ways He whispered into the hearts of our kids. He knows how to touch each of us in the most personal ways, and He did so over and over again on that trip.

Just a few of the wonders the kids experienced:
-they could do things they thought impossible
-trusting adults was a safe thing
-there was always plen
ty of food
-different races mixed and got along
-they were loved with kindness
-music can be uplifting and pure
-adults can have fun without drugs or alcohol
-God's creation is full of astounding beauty.

Remember that the majority of the kids on this trip had never been camping or even to the mou
ntains. It was all new to them, and they were amazed by it all. The toughest kids from the neighborhood discover that off the street everything changes. What they perceive as reality fades away and the truth of who God is and what He wants for them begins to form in their minds. It is a wondrous thing to behold.

The theme of the week came from Romans 12, which tells us about the body of Christ, and reminds us that we are all excellently formed and ma
rvelously created to be a part in that body. The kids were encouraged through stories and songs and listening prayer to discover their own gifts that God has given them. What they learn on the street about their worth is a lie. The truth is found in life with Jesus.

Check out the pictures here and share in just a bit of the joy we were blessed to know those three days. Read more about the heartaches we encounter along with the joy at our site: From the Director's Heart. And thank you again for your part in this journey to bring the love of Jesus to children whose hearts long for Him.