Sunday, June 18, 2006

poem from Outpost

We have returned from Outpost at Calvin Crest. It was amazing. The staff loved and led us with wisdom and compassion. Our girls astounded me with their willingness, appreciation, and growth. More pictures and stories later.... for now I share with you a poem written by one of the girls. I can say nothing more powerful than this.

As I step off this grounds
of Outpost and camp
I'm amazed that I actually got
this chance.
To do things I've never done Before.
And get closer to God then I
Use to.
The food here is good, and the songs were too
as I stood.
I will never forget this week.
It will stay with me forever.
The fun part is when I got to do
this with the people that came together.
This trip taught me to let go of my
The rock climb I thought I couldn't do...
I did.
The swing that made me feel like I was
So as I step off this ground,
I THANK everybody who was here, and
Everyone who was around.

--Tamika Evans
Dedicated to staff, & people who cooked in the cafeteria