Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Summer is just about upon us here and we are off and running. Summer Lunch Club--where very weekday we provide lunch and activities for the neighborhood kids—starts next week; we take our Girls Only group to Outpost at Calvin Crest on the 11th; our Dakota House camping trip is July 14th – the 16th; and our girls and female staff have the privilege of participating in Summit Adventure in August. We are also planning other events that include our new Boys Only group, day trips to the lake, and more.

Many of our kids have never been to the mountains, some have only been there with us, and all of them need and enjoy time away from their chaotic lives at home. Through your help we are able to provide safe and fun atmospheres, expose them to the love Jesus has for them, and teach them that God has plans for their lives that look nothing like what they see around them every day.

We need special funds designated for these activities. Please pray about sending us a donation to enable all of these ministries to go on. You can send a check to our mailing address (please mark it summer ministry… or if you have a specific camp you want to support please indicate) :

Armor of Light, Inc.

5132 N. Palm Ave # 62

Fresno, CA 93704

Thank you for your prayers, support, and contributions. We need and appreciate your help as we love these kids into the kingdom.


Jamie Marie Barker, Director