Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Gifts for Girls

Every Thursday evening a group of beautiful young women show up at the Dakota House door. They have come for Girls Only, where Irisa and I listen to, laugh and pray with, and speak truth into these girls--our ears tuned to God as He unfolds His love and plans for their lives.

One of the things the girls do is keep a journal. Every week they have a'homework' assignment in which they must answer a journal entry question.

Some examples are:
"Why are you remarkable and wonderful?"
"What is a desire of your heart?"
"How has God spoken to you?"
"When have you seen someone be heroic?"

The answers these girls bring to the group every week are astounding. They have seen so much, and they desire so much more. It is a joy--though often painful--to hear their hearts.

Each week the girls earn a small prize for completing their assignments. Little things that are hugely appreciated. Please consider donating some of these items (or whatever you would like) to be given as a reward for our girls.

Examples of prizes:
nail polish
hair accessories
stationary items
journals/composition books
inexpensive jewelry

Call Irisa at 230-1622 to arrange a time to drop off items. Or consider a money gift designated Girls Only.

mailing address:
Armor of Light, Inc.
5132 N. Palm Ave PMB #62
Fresno CA 93704

Thank you for linking arms with us to love these girls. Through the prayers, love, and support of all of us they have a chance for great and glorious lives lived for God.