Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Contact Info, Location, Non-Profit Info, Staff, and Board Member Info

Contact Information

Site address and phone number:
203 W. Dakota
Fresno CA 93705

on Dakota between Fruit and Palm
see map here

Mailing address (send donation checks here)
Armor of Light, Inc.
5132 N. Palm #62
Fresno CA 93704

Non-Profit Information
Armor of Light, Inc. is an established non-profit religious corporation founded in 1999 with 501 c (3) status. All donations are tax deductible.

Tax identification number: 77-0512995

Director: Jamie Marie Barker
Resident Staff: Emily Musson, Sophie Howard,

Andres Martinez
Volunteer Staff: Greg Feaver, Frankie Rocha, Luke Freeman

Board Members

Jamie Marie Barker
Simon Biasell
 Cheryl Decker

Kathy Dunbar
Carol Yohannes

Karen Bare Kamimoto