Friday, June 14, 2013

DH Youth Headed to Outpost

We’re getting ready to take our youth group to Outpost at Calvin Crest. Some of our kids have been there several times; others are looking forward to their first Outpost experience. 

Here are some excerpts from letters our kids wrote to express why they want to go to Outpost:

“The thing I want to happen to me is that God comes and shines his light over me to help me with the divorce my mom is going through and for him to help her with it.”

“We get to go under waterfalls, you get to feel comfortable there and you can be yourself, people care for you, see a lot people, sing songs, and feel wonderful! That’s it!”

“My friends tell me Outpost is super fun and it brings everyone together.”

“It’s a lot of fun being with friends on the hikes. It made us trust each other."

“I loved that every morning I woke up and saw Andres reading the Bible and when it was time to go up to the fort and I would see Emily and Ms. Jamie they would always say good morning to everyone and give them a big hug.” 

“Outpost made me realize that if it wasn’t for God none of us would be here.”
 “The best thing about Outpost is that it ain’t like church being lectured and don’t always give you a clear understanding. But at Outpost they ain’t boring, they make it clear and then you’re like ‘Wow I never knew.’”

Please consider helping to send our Dakota House kids to Outpost. Calvin Crest partners with DH, only charging us $175.00 per camper. If you are willing to help out, please send a check marked CAMP to:

Dakota House 
5132 N. Palm #62
Fresno, CA 93704