Monday, July 16, 2012

We are working hard at Dakota House to make some much-needed improvements on our house. Recently we have repaired electrical wiring, installed window air-conditioners, fixed sprinklers, repaired a hole in the wall, and more.

Our next step is to ask our supporters for help. Here are some things we need (asterisks indicate immediate need):

*Two couches—used but in GOOD condition
*Two area rugs—10’x12’
*Portable fans
Ceiling fans for the back patio
Misters for back patio
New bathroom fixtures: shower curtain and rod, waste basket, small rug, towel rack, new toilet seat
Bathroom towels
Small microwave
Seal on tile floor in kitchen
New shelving for storage (this is being built—we need money for materials)

If you would like to donate money to this cause, please send a check marked H.I.P. to:

Dakota House
5132 N. Palm #62
Fresno, CA  93705

Please consider whether you are able to help us with any of these items, and forward this on to your friends. Our goal—as always—is to make Dakota House a clean, welcoming, comforting environment for our kids. Any help you can lend us towards that goal is needed and appreciated. You may reply to this email or call us at 559-230-1622.

Thank you for your partnership with us.


Jamie Barker, Director