Thursday, May 27, 2010

Send a Dakota House kid to Camp

Dear Dakota House friend and supporter,

Though these pictures are great they don’t come close to telling the stories from last summer at Calvin Crest: a 16-year-old boy gave his life to Christ on top of Fresno Dome; another boy said the experience changed his life forever; young girls let go of the expectations the street has for them and just enjoyed being themselves; children of gangsters were jumping up and down, singing their hearts out to God; boys who act tough on the street were broken before God as they faced their fears on the ropes course; and kids who must always be on guard were able to relax and feel safe. All this and much more happened. And we are happily expectant of God and what He will do this summer at Outpost.

For several years we have been taking the kids to Outpost at Calvin Crest; it has always been an amazing week. Calvin Crest believes in our program; they want our kids to be able to attend camp so they only charge us $175.00 per camper. We are grateful to Calvin Crest for their ministry and sacrifice.

Please consider sending one of our kids to camp this summer. For $175.00 you can provide an experience that will fill a child with hope for their future. If you have friends who might be interested, please forward this message on.

Send checks to:

Dakota House

5132 N. Palm #62

Fresno CA 93702

Please mark your check: youth camp

Thank you for your partnership; together we can make a difference in our city and for His kingdom.


Jamie Barker, Director