Thursday, September 04, 2008


Janice Line and Emily Musson are moving in to Dakota House the second week of September. Janice and Emily bring energy and life to the neighborhood, and we are excited to see how God will use them.

Janice is a graduate of Whitworth University where she majored in Theology. For the past several years she has been coordinator of Sherwood Forest at Calvin Crest Christian Camp. Her compassion, love for children, energy, knowledge of God’s Word, and obedience to that which she is called makes her a gift to us and to the families of our neighborhood.

Emily is a nursing major at Fresno State. She has been volunteering at Dakota House since she was a junior in high school. As a child she lived at Dakota House (did I mention she is my daughter?) and attended school in the neighborhood. Her knowledge of the area is valuable… but her love for the kids is what sets her apart. She has been devoting herself to them for some time now, and they already love and respect her.

Janice and Emily spent this past summer serving together in Sherwood Forest. They work well together, and have mutual respect and fondness for one another. I have begun calling them The Super Team.

Please cover Janice and Emily in prayer as they prepare for this new assignment from God.