Saturday, December 01, 2007

Filling Up the Food Pantry

Our food pantry is seriously depleted. With the colder weather coming, colds, influenza, and all other maladies begin to sweep through the neighborhood. Poor nutrition is no way to fight or immunize against sickness. Please help us stock our food pantry up so we may help supply and supplement our families' cupboards.

You may help in several ways:

1. Send us a check.

Armor of Light, Inc.
5132 N. Palm #62
Fresno CA 93704

2. Bring us a bunch of groceries (call for deliver time 559-230-1622)

3. Call us to come get the groceries (same number as above)

4. Scroll down on this page and see our
Food Pantry Needs listed on the right

Feeding hungry people and meeting their true needs is one of the best ways to reach out in love. Please help us do this here in our neighborhood where God has called us to serve.