Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Well Women

Meet Genevieve Cobb

On October 27th we are beginning a new group for women at Dakota House. We are calling it Well Women. The story of Jesus and the Samaritan woman is an inspiration to women who are ready to walk away from their old lives and begin new, drinking in the living water Jesus offers us. And it is healing we seek for these women, so that they may one day see themselves as healthy, whole, well women.

Genevieve Cobb is the leader of this group that will meet Thursday mornings. Genevieve attends 3rd Day Fellowship Church--a congregation of believers who have been very supportive of Dakota House, putting their hearts and hands to work to love others to Jesus. Genevieve has a rich history of working with people coming out of addiction, particularly through Addicts for Christ, where she ran a 12 Step program. Genevieve has a personal relationship with Jesus and a testimony that brings glory to God and the healing His love makes possible.

Please pray for Genevieve as she prepares for this position, and for the women whom God is calling to this group. Imagine how the lives of families, children, husbands, neighbors... will be affected by bringing these mothers, wives, sisters, and friends to Jesus.